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NaruSaku Story Scene - Demonic Vengeance

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 27, 2009, 12:13 AM


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Based on the votes! It seems you guys want some heartache, or rather a twisted dimension. >3 Yes, I never said anything about mushy-mushy stuff now did I? >w> Anyway, this is what was voted for, and so shall it be! ^^ ENJOY! And this one has my OC in it. ^^ SO BE NICE! :iconohseriousplz:

Warning: Scene Contains Language. Reader Discretion is Advised.

"" = Dialogue
'' = Thoughts

     She panted as she rushed through the darkened hallways! Pushing open each door that she passed! The candles lining the walls of the hall produced an eerie orange and crimson glow.

     "Where are you!?" she gasped as she opened yet another door! Running down the hallway, her pink hair flailing in the wind! She was obviously concentrated on finding someone. She kept running down the hall, another one of her team mates following her. His raven hair and cold coal black eyes watching her every movements.

     "Where do you think he is?" he asked. She looked at him, her emerald eyes sparkling in the candle-light. She shrugged and whipped her head around. They both ran through the corridors and opened every single door they could possible find! Running sharply down the hallway at sprinting speed, the young man remarked, "I don't even understand why we came out here. It's obvious he hates us after what we did to them both!"

     "I... I dunno," she replied. It was true, they both weren't liked when they were younger. Raising himself and another at the same time was probably brutal. But... he didn't have to run away for vengeance! She disliked him for that, "but whether or not," she began, "he's still our... team mate," she said. The raven haired boy stared at her.

     "Do you have some kinda crush of him or something?" he asked. She whipped around quickly and glared daggers at him.

     "NO! NEVER!" she shouted! He stared at her calmly and sighed.

     "Alright... but let's just try and find him already. I'm getting tired of this," he said. With that both ninja sprinted down the hallway! As she rounded a corner, she caught sight of her captain and her other team mate.

     "Any luck?" the man asked. His had wood brown hair and a metal platting around his face.

     "No... Captain Yamato. You?" Sakura questioned. The man known as Yamato shook his head.

     "We checked all of the rooms," the other team mate said, his voice calm and emotionless, "but sadly we were unable to find him as well." he finished.

     "We have to try, he's got to be around here somewhere. We just have to keep looking!" she said. Yamato sighed and shook his head.

     "Sakura," he began, "honestly I don't know why you're even wanting to do this mission. If you put him down when you were young, who says he'll ever change his mind to come back with us. You both have done enough damage to him as it is. Who knows what Orochimaru did to him," the captain said. Sakura stared at him, and she was silent.

     "I know I'm unable to feel emotion, simply because I'm considered a tool," the other, raven haired boy said, "but even I think I know that the man we're looking for will not forgive and forget easily. Sakura... Sasuke, it's you're fault..." the boy said.

     "Sai..." Sasuke began, "...shut up..." the young man showed no emotion. Sakura sighed, and it was in that moment that she felt something, sharp and strong! She gasped and looked in the direction!

     "What is it Sakura!?" Yamato asked! How could they not feel it? It was such a strong sensation! She could barely believe what she was feeling. Immediately she dashed off! "What the hell!?" Yamato gasped! He then ran straight after, Sasuke and Sai following!

     'How could they not even feel that!? That Energy!' she thought. The feeling made her skin burn. She ran until finally Yamato grabbed her and an explosion erupted from within the room ahead! Dust and debris scattered around the ground!

     "You would have been killed if you had gone any further! Don't be so damn hasty!" Yamato scolded! Sakura stared at the gaping hole. Light poured through it, and it was evident that Sakura found herself his enemy. However, she did not care, she shambled to her feet and streaked out of the hallway! Following after, Yamato, Sai and Sasuke ran towards the light, and upon coming outside, they saw her... staring at something. A dark figure rose high above them on the ledge of the rock. A tail swaying calmly, almost as if mocking them. The ears that twitched faintly from the wind, and those crimson, slitted eyes that never took their gaze away, nor even blinked, let alone shifted once, stared at the pinkette with hatred and fury, though he held no emotion. They all stared at the large figure, and that was when the silence finally broke. His demonic, and very deep voice causing their spines to tingle!

     "Sakura... long time... no see." he said coldly, "Sasuke... and who do we have... here?" he asked, "ahh... yet another loser, a bag of flesh and blood and mortality joins the ranks, eh?" she asked. He had... changed so much over the years. Sakura no longer felt his pain and sadness, not even a tiny bit of happiness. She felt a violent temper, and torturous attitude, and a blood craving revenge that would only satisfy his needs. No longer did he wear orange, and for some reason, this change crushed her.

     "Na-ru-to..." she whispered, her lips moving slowly.

     He was dressed, almost lightly. A sleeveless, fishnet shirt, and orange pants matching his rising sandals was all he wore. His completely filled out body cast a large shadow. He was more built than Sasuke, sporting 12 pack abs even. His cut muscles and chiseled body... his fangs, his whiskers, which had moved up to his higher cheek bones and had darkened and had become real, most likely due to his transformation from human... into a fox-like creature. His defined claws and razor sharp nails from finger-to-toe made Sakura tremble.

     That... saw-bladed blond hair looked as though it were dyed an orange... red-orange colour. Carious piercings on his body, his ears and pecs for instance. A chain collar around his neck and metal braces on his biceps and wrists. A chain hanging from his belt. He looked more like a demon gangster than a ninja, however Sakura found this not the case. The bones from his hands, his tarsals, meta-tarsals even were defined. Along his arms and some parts of his body, were tattoo's or strange symbols and designs. Flames upon his wrists up to his forearms. Even spicing it up with black and orange tinted lensed, folded, sunglasses that hung from his shirt. The sign of a pure badass. He even picked up a habit that Shikamaru had. A cigarette stuck out of his mouth. One his back was a short katan, and at his side was a satchel that held a large, boomerang-like knife.

     "W-What happened... to you?" Sakura asked. He looked like no ninja she'd ever seen before. He took the cigarette and blew the smoke from his mouth, down at them.

     "Simple, I made a deal with the devil inside me, and sold my wretched soul for immortality and power so that I could take revenge upon everyone I now hate... hate so fuckin' much," he said. Popping the cigarette back in his mouth, moving it to the right of his lips he sighed.

     "So... many fuckin' years it's been. You're faces... they are a disgrace. Showing them upon my immortal shadow. You're disgusting," he said and puffed, "I wonder, should I... just wipe you all out now, or should I just do nothing. Lemme ask someone you knew who was a baby, who you even hated still because he was my lil' bro." Naruto said. A small whimper came from behind the large blond, "s'okay buddy, come on out. Show these pricks how much my lil' bro's grown." he said. Out from behind Naruto, a small boy peered. Innocent sapphire eyes, gray hair and a cloak. Naruto picked him up and held the boy, "see him? My baby bro's grown now. And you couldn't even imagine what I felt when he reached that big age of ten. Ahh, memories... fuckin' priceless," he said and smacked his lips and sighed. Taking the cigarette out of his mouth and extinguishing the tip, tucking it in a pocket, he rubbed his nose against the boys.

     'That... aura...' Sasuke thought. 'could he... could he be as strong as I can feel? This... this CAN'T BE! His... chakra signature is... it's un-natural! What did Orochimaru teach him!?' the raven-haired Uchiha thought.

     "Say "hello" Kishimaru..." Naruto said. He shook his head and hid his face within Naruto's collar bone, "that's right. You don't say no "hello" dirt, do you? Nuh uh," he said in a soft tone. Clearing his throat, he spat on the ground, "you see!" his voice boomed mightily, "it was you fuckin' morons that, originally, made me snap. But I have to thank you fucks for you're... generosity. Because, if you hadn't completely pounded me into the ground with you're words and," he glared at Sakura then, "fists, wouldn't have even taken Kyuubi's offer! In, fuckin' fact, I wouldn't have even become nearly as strong as I am right now! Friends, people who love you... pfft, bullshit. No one except my mother and my father, and this lil' guy right here, love me. And it's in this tiny ring of sentimentality that I, Naruto NAMIKAZE, son of the Yondaime Hokage of Konoha, found reason to live without committing suicide." he explained. They all flinched when they heard the mention of the Yondaime.

     "You're lying!" Sasuke growled! Naruto narrowed his eyebrows.

     "Try me bitch... fuckin' duck-haired pussy. Do a DNA test, they never lie." he said. Putting Kishimaru down, Naruto popped his shoulders and cracked his knuckles and neck. "If it gets too bloody squirt, cover those eyes of yours. I may be a ruthless killer, but I love you enough to make sure you're not experiencing anything you shouldn't be seeing. Okay?" he asked. The boy nodded, and Naruto gripped his Katana. There was a sash on the end, like a Dao blade would have. Sasuke activated his Sharingan.

     "Don't try anything. I can see you're every movement dobe." the Uchiha said. Naruto shook his head.

     "Don't play that shit with me..." the blond had developed a mouth over the years Sakura could tell.

     "Naruto!" Sakura said forwardly, "you're coming back to the village with us! Now!" she said. The blond looked at her and put his shades on. In an instant, he disappeared and in that flash of a second, he appeared right next to her. Her towered above her... above them all! Sasuke searched for the blond, and upon finding him next to Sakura, he was flabbergasted!

     'What the hell!? My Sharingan couldn't even pick up that... that speed!' he thought! Naruto sighed and looked down.

     "Damn... you're fuckin' short girl. He pulled out his cigarete and snapped his fingers, causing a flame to ignite so he could lite the cigarette. Puffing it, he lowered himself to her and blew the smoke in her face. She gasped and coughed, "amazing you aren't punching me... you're scared... scared shitless. Well baby," he said emphasizing the word "baby" just to piss her off, "you and these other fucks ain't got shit over me. Ya'lls bunch'a pussies. You can't even fight back, you're scared..." Naruto said and shook his head. Sakura stared at him. He had... a certain feeling to him now. Naruto's right ear twitched and in an instant he whipped out his katana and stopped Sasuke's blade! He looked at the Uchiha and shook his head.

     "A robe with a purple rope sash. Definitely you... but... the cut in the shirt shouldn't be there, unless," he said and took off his shirt, "you have a body of steel... like this!" he was doing this just for the hell of it! He was massive, strong, his golden body and large figure was just the tip of the iceberg! "Unless you have pecs like these, cover yo'self... bitch," he said and twisted the blade before kicking it in the air. He jumped up and grabbed the sword before landing softly, right in front of Sakura still. He observed the blade and checked it.

     "Not bad... but..." he said tossed the blade before taking his own. In a flash, eh swung up and sliced the kusunagi blade in half! "that... was just the blade... I would'a made steel chop sticks out of it if I had pumped any chakra into this baby. Now..." he said and kicked Sasuke away before turning back to Sakura. He was fast... he moved like lightning even for his massive size! "Look at you, I can just peer down the crack of those boobs. Eh... bigger ones weren't really my type anyway..." he sighed.

     "You... I won't hurt you..." he whispered hotly into her ear, "but I'll give you somethin' to think about. What you said... I was worthless, a disgrace, an abomination to the ninja world. Ahh... sweet memories," he chuckled deeply, "well, anything you gotta say... crybaby? Crybaby... crybaby... crybaby... c'mon crybaby. Say something intelligent and smart. C'mon, hit me with yo' best shot crybaby. Oh yeah... you can't, because you's one fuckin' hell of a weakling. I even heard you were trainin' with that big boobed lady Tsunade," he said, "I commend you for that shit because, hell, not even I could crush boulders and shit like you can... but that dun mean I'm not working on it." he said and sighed, shaking his head. He saw tears trickling down her cheeks and awed in pity, "aww... the lil' crybaby's startin' her water works again! You probably wanna hug, don't you? Want me to just forgive and forget and comfort you and hug you and hold you tight while I say shit like, "it's okay Sakura, it's okay, shhhh," and shit like, "there's nothin' that's gonna hurt you, don't cry... shhhh" ...pfft..." he spat on the ground and got in her face, "well, you missed those chances... if you showed any respect at all to me... we might actually be in love and doin' all that shit... hell, we might even be fuckin' right now. You'd be in a land of pleasure and delight if you were with me," he said. She stared at him, "but hell fuckin' no. You just had to be a stuck up bitch and dawdle over that worthless pile'a shit over there." he sighed.

     "Let's get somethin' straight, you and I baby. You see, I've changed, and when I mean changed, I mean I hate you so fuckin' much it's like... not even funny... Ya see... over the years I lost my emotion and my love and compassion and, instead, replaced it with hatred, rage and all that other good stuff. And to be honest, I couldn't be happier..." he then burst laughing! "if I still hold that emotion! Ahhh! But seriously bitch, I hold nothing of love for ya'll anymore." he said and waved his hand through the air as if chopping it, "it's all cut. You can't rely on me, you have no control over me, and if you try to hit me I'll break yo' fuckin' wrist so much you won't be able to even break a toothpick with them tiny fingers," the blond said. His threats... his vulgar language. She had never felt so intimidated in her entire life. And it was in that moment she... felt something. Was this what Naruto's infinite pain was like? It hurt... so very much. She felt herself paralyzed.

     "Feel guilty now... don't you?" Naruto questioned. She... sniffled, her reddening eyes and cheeks staring helplessly at him. The Naruto she knew was gone from her life... and it was her fault alone.

     "N... N... N-N-N-N..." his turned his head and held his ear over it.

     "What's that baby? I can't hear you. Speak louder..." he said shaking his head.

     "N-N-N-N-a... Naruto..." she sobbed, her bottom lip quivering like crazy. She felt so distraught right now, she could barely speak to him. All she could do was raise her hands and cup his thick neck. He raised his blade to her neck and glared at her.

     "Try strangling me and I'll slit you're tiny throat..." he threatened. She did not... instead of strangling him she walked into his mass and gave him... a hug. He shook his head and sighed, putting the blade away. Not because he was show sentiments towards her, but because he was tired of this shit. Her hot tears cascaded down her cheeks and dripped on his shoulders. He remained emotionless, and in that moment they... "shared" together, after many years apart... Naruto only felt more hate towards her, than ever. Hitting him in the past, and now showing her sentiments of apology to him now? Instead, he said nothing... there was, now, no more emotion or forgiveness left for her. If she wanted his love... she would now have to earn it back... and that... even the newly turned eighteen year-old blond knew... would take far longer than she would hope.

*End of scene*


Something quite different, no? Very different yes! I hope you enjoyed this scene. Please comment. Night!

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